What We Do


We are fanatics about the service that we provide to our clients.

What we do for our clients is unparalleled. No other brokerage - local or national - is providing their clients with the experience, tools and resources that we are. So, go ahead, give us a try.

Employee Advocacy

Our Employee Advocates are available to all of your employees, including their enrolled dependents. They are able to assist with a wide variety of issues, starting with enrollment, to locating in-network providers and working up to accessing benefits advisory tools and assisting with claims problems.

Marketing & Communications

We introduce a superior level of services to your organization. Everyone - employees, spouses, dependent children, and anyone else eligible for benefits - will benefit from working with us. To achieve that, we use an integrated marketing strategy to bring everyone into the know.

Research & Compliance

Essential to successful management of any benefits program, and for Human Resource in general, we provide all of our clients with a framework to achieve and maintain perfect compliance with all regulatory bodies. Beyond that, our clients have access to research tools to help answer questions to common questions.

Strategic Planning

One of the key distinctions between our benefits consulting and brokerage model and traditional benefits brokerages is our consulting strategy. Our staff is the best of the best in the industry. That expertise translates to results for you and your team.