What We Do Marketing & Communications

Unique Solutions
We understand that success in benefits has a LOT to do with how your employees perceive the benefits that your organization gives them. These norms vary greatly by organization, location and industry, but all have one common thread - employee satisfaction. We work with you to create a marketing program that touches the major classes of employees - Owners, Executives & Employees - effectively.
More often than not, each of these groups have different benefit options available to them. Similarly, each of these groups interact differently with the benefits programs, which means that each of them are going to have different needs that must be met and

Custom Benefit Booklets

Dissiminating information to new hires and at open enrollment can be an intense task. Our marketing teams will make it a whole lot easier by creating custom benefit booklets that we will distribute to each of your employees. These benefit booklets contain information on all of the benefit plans offered by your organization, as well as contribution figures, useful information and useful contact information. These benefits booklets are built to fit the needs of your organization's enrollment processes - from information as basic as deadlines to complex data about where to turn for help with specific problems - to make the process as simple as possible for your enrollees.

Information Management

Leave it up to us to take care of all of the day to day backend administration associated with your benefits program and managing the flow of paperwork and information. We can do as little or as much as you want us to - from maintaining your employee census to ensuring that your organization files the necessary paperwork for each benefit program, we are here to help you accomplish your goals.

Online Access

In today's connected age, everyone expects information available to them at the touch of a finger. Employees expect this same level of convenience and availability when accessing information about their benefits plan. For each of our clients, we create custom built websites to disemminate information to your employees and their covered dependents. The information contained within these websites can vary to accomplish any communication structure that your organization requires.
Taking it a step further, the information published on your organization's site can also be pushed out to a mobile app that can be distributed to your employee population.