What We Do Employee Advocacy

Our Advocacy Strategy
Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Employee Advocate to service the needs of the employee and dependent population. Contant information is disseminated to the employee population during the implementation phase, as a part of our onboaring process. Our dedicated Employee Advocates are available to assist members and their dependents with any issues pertaining to your orgainzation's benefits program. Common issues include claims assistance, prequalification of procedures, initial and open enrollment assistance, and benefit coverage questions. Our Employee Advocates all have many years of benefits and customer service experience, allowing them to be useful in a number of other ways, as well.


Following a medical procedure, navigating through the process of matching up provider billing statements with Explanation of Benefits statements from the insurance carrier can be a daunting task, especially if you don't know where to start. If any of your employees or their dependents finds themselves in this situation, we encourage them to work through the process with the assistance of their dedicated Employee Advocate. Years of experience have given us the ability to easily navigate through this process, allowing the patient to spend their time recovering.

Starting this process is as easy as calling or emailing your Employee Advocate. They will then work with you to directly engage the providers and the insurance carriers to quickly resolve any issues.

New Employee & Open Enrollment

Whether you need assistance with your initial enrollment after staring employment, with open enrollment, or a special enrollment following a qualified event, our Employee Advocates are more than ready to answer any questions that your employees and their dependents may have. They can work to explain the differences between the benefit plans offered and help to compare the potential financial impacts of each choice, then assist them through the enrollment process. Enrollment delays that have often been associated with incomplete or incorrectly filled out paperwork can easily be eliminated, resulting in faster turn around times.

Plan Administration

Our advocacy efforts are not only a reactive service. Reaching further, we strive to build processes that allow us to identify areas of opportunity. Our proactive approach to benefits management is different for each of our clients, and is designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. We start by understanding your internal processes, and from there, we create systems that augment those processes. We do not look to reinvent the wheels on your car, but work to make sure you have the right tires to make sure you're rolling in the right direction.