About Us


Our Journey So Far

For most companies, providing insurance benefits can be complicated and costly, managing that complexity for you is why we are in business.

We were founded in 1986 by Tom Mitchell of Northwestern Mutual to help companies design, service and manage employee benefit plans. The need for our services has increased dramatically since then, and in conjunction, so has our team of industry-leading professionals.

Originally, our service and expertise were provided exclusively to Northwestern Mutual clients, but as our business grew, so did our client list and the scope of services that we provide. We are among the preeminent consulting and brokerage firms in Chicago, and we continue to focus exclusively on employee benefits management.

John Araujo, RHU has led the firm since 1994, and continues to attract the best and brightest to join him in providing world class service to our clients. We work with some of the most prestigious organizations in Chicagoland, and we are continually introducing our organization to more firms each day.

If you are interested in a discussion about our services, or if you think that you would thrive as a member of our team, reach out to us today.